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ioscan output

Occasional Contributor

ioscan output

Can anyone tell from my attached ioscan output whether I have successfully detect a Overland Data DLT robotic tape library? I keep getting this system call error.

If you think there is one, what will be the device file and if there is non, how can I troubleshoot again? I have make sure that my sctl, spt and schgr drivers are in.

Santosh Nair_1
Honored Contributor

Re: ioscan output

It doesn't look like your system detected this device. Normally if the right drivers are not loaded on the system, I would expect to see the device listed as not claimed, but since I don't see it from the output at all, I would suspect that there is something wrong in the way the device is attached to your system. Also, make sure you have the *tape* drivers loaded on your system.

Hope this helps.

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Re: ioscan output

thanks for the input, I have shutdown and bring up the tape library again and now i can see Overland tape of tape2 driver, I have add in /dev/sctl/c2t7l0 as my robot device file, because i assume initiator is the robot? or it should be /dev/spt/c1t5l0 instead? I really cant differiate the relationship and also how schgr comes into the picture? Attached is my latest ioscan output
Mark van Hassel
Respected Contributor

Re: ioscan output


Try "st -f [dev file] -s"

to see whether you can talk to the robot.
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