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linux backup across SAN

Brent DeGennaro
Regular Advisor

linux backup across SAN

We're attempting to backup our Linux boxes across the SAN but have had no luck so far. Does anyone know what drivers we need to have installed? Here's a little info about our set up.

Data Protector 5.1

ESL9322 Library

e1200 Network Storage Router

Red Hat Linux Advanced Server release 2.1AS

Emulex LightPulse LPFC Driver Version: 4.20q
HBA: Emulex LightPulse LP950 1 Gigabit PCI Fibre Channel Adapter

$ /sbin/lsmod
Module Size Used by Not tainted
st 31536 0
sg 36644 0 (autoclean)
deadman 3036 3
bcm5700 105644 2
bonding 56628 2
md 66336 0 (unused)
lvm-mod 64576 18
lpfcdd 267752 4
cciss 45536 5
sd_mod 13372 6
scsi_mod 123636 4 [st sg lpfcdd cciss sd_mod]

I can start the backup session and a tape is loaded into the drive but nothing is ever written to the tape. Any help would be greatly appreciated.