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looking for tape array

Stephanie L Davenport
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looking for tape array

I have been challenged to find a tape library that can be attached to a K400 running HP-UX 10.01, and that can backup an Informix database on version 7.13.UC6. OK, so I know all the software versions are ancient, but I'm stuck with them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: looking for tape array

IBAR is not the smartest application for backups if that is what you are using...
If you are, you can write some scripts that encapsulates the backup job and then, at the end, execute an offline command to a library. Most libarys will have a "sequential mode" that accept the commands to eject the tape and will automatically rotate the tape out. Then you only have to worry about the tapes in the rotation.

Have you looked at the HP MSL5000 and 6000 series libraries? A bit expensive but well worth the speed and features!
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Mic V.
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Re: looking for tape array

A possibility is an MTI Infinity 1525 7-slot library.

Another possibility is MTI's old 2x28 library, don't know the model information. It's based on Quantum (as I recall). It has a top hatch where you remove each of the four tape carriers one at a time. The one I had was more than 6 years old.

The Infinity 1525 used to work with a very old K400, at least at 10.20 about 6 years ago. I'm not sure whether this library was used at earlier revs or not.

These two are DLT libraries. Another possibility would be some kind of 8mm library if these libraries are too new.

HTH, good luck. Ebay or a reseller like JTL Systems ( might be able to help.
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Alexander M. Ermes
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Re: looking for tape array

Hi there.
Depends on the amount of data you want to backup.
You can take an autoloader 1/8 ( DLT or LTO whatsoever )or a StorageTek machine with some good drives in it.
Check the internet for these solutions.
For a backup you can also use your standard tolls like cpio or tar.
Alexander M. Ermes
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