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ltt_gp_sep03-1.shar firmware corrupt?

Chris Driver
Occasional Contributor

ltt_gp_sep03-1.shar firmware corrupt?


We downloaded the firmware bundle: ltt_gp_sep03-1.shar, so we could update the firmware on our HP Surestore E 2/20 Tape Library.
After unsharing, it said that the checksum was ok, and that there were no errors, however when trying to install the LTT_DLT8000_V086_OML3.frm DLT firmware using LTT (ver. 34) it said that the firmware is corrupt. We have tried downloading and installing it multiple times, but it always says it is corrupt, any idea what the problem is?
David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: ltt_gp_sep03-1.shar firmware corrupt?


We tested the bundle you mentioned, and it unshared correctly, and we could update a DLT8K drive to V86 (using LTT on HP-UX). We also tested the firmware file in the windows firmware bundle, and the file supplied by LTT "get files from web". All are OK.

Was the file ftped from one system to another in ascii mode?

If you could email the file to, we can look at it.

In the mean time, you could try getting the file on windows and moving it over (in binary) to your UX box.

Also, I assume you are doing this on HP-UX, and not on Linux. Is that right?
The journey IS the reward.
Chris Driver
Occasional Contributor

Re: ltt_gp_sep03-1.shar firmware corrupt?

I downloaded the file from your website which only allows a http download.
Also I am using HP-UX.
I will send you the file I downloaded.