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mc whith seagate autochanger 6x40e

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mc whith seagate autochanger 6x40e

I have a SEAGATE (not HP) autochanger for 6 DDS4 on HP9000 C200 HP_UX 10.20.

I can check the automat mith mc command :
>mc -p /dev/robot -r SD
DT_slot_1 EMPTY
ST_slot_1 FULL
ST_slot_2 FULL
ST_slot_3 FULL
ST_slot_4 FULL
ST_slot_5 FULL
ST_slot_6 FULL

but I cant load any ST in DT_slot_1 :
>mc -p /dev/robot -s S1 -d D1
ERROR : 0x0 No sens : 0x0 No additional sense information

could anyone help me ?
thank you

Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: mc whith seagate autochanger 6x40e

Hi there.
Did you try it like this ?

mc -p /dev/robot -s ST_slot_1 -d DT_slot_1

Alexander M. Ermes
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