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Re: msl 2024 error

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msl 2024 error

Trying to seting up a new msl 2024 tape library ultrium 960 a found this error on the control pannel : Mechanical block code 8D 07.
Am looking for a help
Thank you.
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Re: msl 2024 error

That is very easy.....
Error 8D07 shows that you must remove the metal slice.
The metal slice is located at above of MSA2024.
The metal slice can fix the mechanical arm.

You.....must form a habit . Read the user guide first.
Ahmad Ramadan
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Re: msl 2024 error

we just moved into a new building and our HP Autoloader 1/8 920 d2
is giving Mechanical Block 8D07
i know that this error comes coz of the slice and i've removed the small metal slice from the top of the autoloader
but STILL Getting the same error

any other IDEA??
waiting for help ASAP!!

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Re: msl 2024 error

There could be something inside that could be blocking the movement of the robotic arm.
If its under warranty or contract please contact HP support or else you would have to do it yourself.
Open the top and check for obstruction
I work for HP
Ahmad Ramadan
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Re: msl 2024 error

i've fixed it by rejecting the magazine manually and yes i found out the the tapes was not in there places, they moved coz of the shipping

its working good now