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msl lto2 on redhat 3.0 via fiber

Valued Contributor

msl lto2 on redhat 3.0 via fiber


I have an msl lto2 with scsi router e1200.
This is connected to a san, along with 3xrp3440 and two linux 3.0 U1 (bl20pg2 proliant, mezzanine card).
The rp are able to use the msl without problems. The rp and the linux are able to use data on the eva3000, so san connect is not a problem.
But the linux servers doesn't see any drives.

Any Idea
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: msl lto2 on redhat 3.0 via fiber

look like zoning problem and selective presentation.

You have to create a map in the router and made it available to the servers linux,
you have to configure correctly the zoning in the switch, in order to make the library lun mapped by the router visible to the linux servers