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msl5000 firmware update

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msl5000 firmware update

I am having difficulty in upgrading the firmware of MSL5000 tape with single SDLT 320 drive
I am running debian and converted the ltt rpm to debian and installed that. It runs fine except for down load when I choose option 6 (Download) from hp_ltt main screen it gives the following error
Exception:Could not connect to the server, Try Later..

I tried tcpdump and actually ltt is not going out to fetch the file.

so I downloded "NextGen_516.bin" , which appears to be the firmware and copied it to firmware dir and tried to update firmware and it complains "no matching file" also from options if i try to set the default password 5566 it fails. seems to be that factory password is different from service password.

I appreciate your help in this regard.
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Re: msl5000 firmware update

You should close the duplicated threads.

The file "NextGen_516.bin" is for FTP or serial download, LTT uses a different format (*.frm).

You need to download the LTT file from -> software & drivers -> your MSL model

or use FTP/Web interface for the upgrade.

Hope this helps!

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