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newbie of DLT7000

Jackson Khoo
Occasional Contributor

newbie of DLT7000

like kevin, i am a newbie to DLT7000. currently I have a DLT7000 4/48 that is controlled physically and logically by HP-UX. My plan is to move the connection and control from HP-UX to my HP WinTel-based Netserver. The objective is to separate the backup of SAP-Unix and WinTel. My concerns are:

1. is there any SCSI card either from HP or 3rd party for my HP Netserver (LH6000 and LH3000) to connect the DLT7000 (host + 4 drives)?

all questions below can be ignored if answer for Q1 is NO.

2. if answer for Q1 is yes, then any compatibility issue or concerns should i consider?

3. is it ok if i connect all host and drives into 1 netserver? what is the recommendation? currently info from my Unix team, the host and the drives are connected into different unix machines.

5. a brief explanation on how to connect the DLT7000 to my Netservers and make it recognised by Windows 2000.

Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: newbie of DLT7000

Hi there.
What you need is fast wide scsi controlers for a pc ( best would be Adaptec ). You need one interface for one drive to keep it in streaming mode and work effeciently.
Nothing but one drive should be hooked to that interface. That is the reason ( i think ) why that machine is installed as it is now.

The hosts and the netserver should be connected in a separate network, if you do not want your normal data flow to be influenced by the backup.

Windows should recognize the hardware automatically.

If i would have the choice, i would install all of it on one unix server with the interfaces a described above and run the backup machine with HP OpenView OmniBack.
Alexander M. Ermes
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A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: newbie of DLT7000


If you choose to connect the drives to a Windows Box, you need Adaptec AHA-2944UW controllers. This is a High-voltage differential SCSI controller and that is what you must use. Also, only 1 DLT7000 should be placed on a dedicated SCSI bus although you can let the robotics and one drive share a bus.

There is a Plan B: Connect some of the drives to your Windows box and some of the drives to your Unix box. Omniback will handle that situation well and you will have the best of both worlds. In this way, the data can be local toi both environments and not have to travel over the network.
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