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pb restoring on a san

Mme Jonnaert

pb restoring on a san

to day we have a dedicated san for the backup between a storage node tru64 V5.1A with a MSL5026sl and a e1200, and 3 others node Hp/Ux 11i.We use legato networker 7.1.1 and experience sommes troubles until we have change 1 drive on the library.the backup, using the san, seems allright, but when we try to restore file or database using the san, it abort whith read I/O error and this example of message:record length 184625722 in header is larger than block size 1048576, using number
of chunks in record header 0 to decode block.
The firmware drive is:082(5252),the autochanger:4.30 and the NSRe1200:5.6.06
Have you an idea?
Claudio Ruzza_1
Valued Contributor

Re: pb restoring on a san

looks like a legato problem.
Please read in Networker documentation how to set the block size of a drive, overwriting the default.
You probably will be asked to add an environment variable to you UNIX systems, forcing them all to use the same block size.
The variable should be something like this:
where 128 is a possible block size.

For previously written media there's nothing you can do for converting the block size, of course. You can only re-read these volumes with the server that wrote them.

Hope it helps