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problem in hp ultrium 230

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problem in hp ultrium 230

Iam facing some problem with external lto.Iam using ML530 series server.After attaching the drive with system,we can see the device in device manager(Windowas 2000 server).But when we select to take the backup it shows "unusable media wait for 60 sec."and it stucks.we have chnaged the tapes.but problem exists.One more thing,when we restart the server after post it stucks while detecting the external lto drive.when we switch off the drive it continues.
Pl.suggest .
Eugeny Brychkov
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Re: problem in hp ultrium 230

Please check to which SCSI adapter you do connect this drive. Take a look into , then make sure SCSI cable is correct and terminator is in place (bus should be terminated at both ends with correct type of terminators. At one end it is usually teminated at the SCSI card, but at the ending device you should place terminator manually).
This drive is LVD, thus terminator should be LVD. Check other devices on the bus, check for Id conflict
Dave Dewar
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Re: problem in hp ultrium 230

The external Ultrium 230 is a self terminating device and so does not need a scsi terminator at the enclosure end.

Vijay, I am not sure what yoy mean by "stuck", do you mena the tape gets stuck in the drive?

Download Library and Tape tools (LTT) from the link below and check you drive installation using it

You can run some installation and other tests using this tool, download new firmware and even generate a support ticket that you could save, zip up and post here for further analysis.


Dave Dewar.
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Re: problem in hp ultrium 230


Does the tape worked in the past, could be
hardware problem, with the connection of the drive or with him self.