"Copy Job" 99%

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"Copy Job" 99%

Hi All,

I am using DP Express SSE 3.50 SP1 with an Ultrium 448 tape drive connected locally via a SCSI HBA.

A simple rotation scheme backup was scheduled to backup server data on disk (D2D). There is a "copy job" scheduled to copy full backups on tape once a week.

After the copy job is completed I read the following in the job log summary:

Job name: Copy Job
Job Type: Copy Job
Product: Data Protector Express 3.50-sp1 - 32092
Selected: 1 objects, 10.70 GB
Completed: 1 objects, 10.63 GB (99%)

There are no errors. Everything looks fine as I randomly check trough files, but about 70 MB were not copied anyway according to the log.

Any ideas?
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Re: "Copy Job" 99%


I have seen exactly same procedure running successfully with SP2. You may try as most of the issues are resolved in SP2



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