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re-configuring E1200-320 NSRs

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re-configuring E1200-320 NSRs

Hi All,
I have an MSL6060 with a pair of NSR E1200-320 routers. I have zoned these into my fabric but only see the NSRs (no drives) on the relevant host. I can see the NSR via the host SAN HBA management utility (Qlogic/San Surfer). The drives were upgraded to Ultrium 4 in the past which may be related. I don't have the passwords for the NSRs so I can't log in to review mappings, etc. Since this library is not currently in production I can start fresh. I've reviewed the available documentation but don't see a password reset process. Can anyone provide information on how one might re-configure this type of NSR? I know I'll have to re-write the mapping, etc. I’m comfortable starting from scratch as though these NSRs were new…
Thanks for any help.
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Re: re-configuring E1200-320 NSRs

Connect via serial cable - no password here.

Hope this helps!

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