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respool travan tape?

Mary Pennington
Occasional Visitor

respool travan tape?

Does anyone know how to respool a travan tape? Thanks in advance for your help.

Re: respool travan tape?

Fairly simple to do with care.
1. Flip tape cart over & find 2 small cross head screws & remove. You may need to break the plastic spigots which are sometimes 'melted' to secure top to base
2. Flip cartridge right way up. Prise top from base with fingers.
3. If tape is chewed around full spool then a good option is to dump the tape. Otherwise find end of tape & pull out (over tape guide) by about 3-4 inches. Take care that the drive band does not 'ping' off the rollers/tape spools it's very difficult to put it back.
4. Pulling open the tape flap, rethread tape over guides, and lay the tape on the empty spool. I use the wooden end of a cotton bud to assist in it's location. Turn the empty spool to start loading the tape onto the take-up spool, checking that the tape is loading OK & not travelling along the drive band.
5. Continue turning the take up spool until all holes in tape have been loaded onto the take-up spool (at least 50 turns?)
6. Carefully replace the top onto the base without pinching the tape. Do up the screws
7. When the tape is re-spooled don't forget to do a 'tape retension' in your backup software to settle the tape on the spools & guides.

Don't forget to find out why the tape despooled in the first place (tape drive fault?), otherwise you will have to repeat this process again (& again!!)

Hope this helps.