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sam, single file restore, restoring all files?

Ray Aslin
Occasional Contributor

sam, single file restore, restoring all files?

ok, I have something weird that just happened to me...

went to restore a script that I wrote that the night operator accidentally erased. The script is in /home/oracle

we do a full backup nightly, we shut the system down to single user mode and run a full backup, it takes two DDS3 tapes to run it.

I had the operator put tape 1 in, I dialed in and telneted in, in sam I ran a recover, for a single file (so I thought) I kicked off the restore and went for a coke, came back and a bunch of files are streaming by thinking oh crap, I control-c and stopped the recover...

this is what I find in /var/sam/log/br_index.rec

frecover(1060): itself not on media;
continuing with / and following files

and it lists files but stops at the point where I had hit control C

what the hell happened?!?!?

tail of br_log:

File recovery started on: Wed Mar 24 23:05:09 CST 2004 (Recover Files)
{ frecover -xv -o -X -g /etc/sam/br/graphFCAa19324 -f /dev/rmt/c0t0d0BESTn }

graphFCAa19324 contains:
i /home/oracle/

so I get the fact that the file i was looking for must be on tape 2 of the backup, but what's up with this thing trying to restore all other files...

so now I'm cleaning up this mess...but can someone give me any idea of what the heck happened to make it do this...anyone seen this before??!