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scheduled setting

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scheduled setting


I am new to data protector single server edition V.3.10-SP4 and currently I need to setup a weekly backup job. I have DAT72 tape drive. The total amount of data is around 50GB. I’m not sure about how many sets of tapes I need for to accomplish this task. Also, it will be highly appreciated if you help me to figure out the scheduled setting.

Thank you in advance
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Re: scheduled setting


Also new to Data Protector, although the version I'm using on a Windows 2000 Server is 3.5 Sp-2.

To get you started I found this link on another Forum. It looks like TapeWare is very similar to Data Protector.
and search for Scheduling.
Article TID:000059

Takes about 5 hours to do a Full backup with verify for 33 GB on my server!

Old VMS/Wintel bloke - not certified yet.