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scsi_changer messages in HP9000 syslog

Mike Proulx
Occasional Contributor

scsi_changer messages in HP9000 syslog

I have an ADIC Scalar 1000 Tape drive with IBM LTO Ultrium tape drives attached to a HP9000 N4000 via Fibre Channel attached to a Brocade Switch which eventually connects to a SCSI bridge.

I'm getting the following message repeating in the syslog of the N4000.

Mar 27 12:05:59 mcfl1u48 vmunix:
Mar 27 12:06:13 mcfl1u48 vmunix: NOTICE: scsi_changer@5,0,1: scsi_cmd=16,errno=5,cc=210,sense=70 0 6 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 2 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Should I be concerned with this message. Can anybody translate it?


Mike Proulx
Jan Klier
Respected Contributor

Re: scsi_changer messages in HP9000 syslog

The 2900 in the string of numbers indicates that your library is going through a power-on self test sequence as a result of some sort of reset event.

Possibilities are:
a) you power-cycled the library while the system was running.
b) one of your applications is sending commands that time out, resulting in error recovery by the SCSI driver, which can include resets.
c) you are using failover software that clears reservations by sending resets to the library.
d) you have monitoring software running which interfers with your regular backup software resulting in the above timeouts.
e) There is some sort of hardware problem in the library that causes it to reset.

Depending on which of these scnearios applies, it may have an impact on your solution, and you may be concerned about it.

I'm not familiar with the ADIC library. If you believe that the problem lies with the library you may have to contact Adic.
Mike Proulx
Occasional Contributor

Re: scsi_changer messages in HP9000 syslog

Thank you for the information Jan.

I've already contacted ADIC about the syslog messages. I'm still waiting for a reply.

Trusted Contributor

Re: scsi_changer messages in HP9000 syslog

Hello I have also getting same error with same ADIC library.
can u tell me the actual problem?