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scsi tape, but no scsi adaptor for rx2800? How backup rx?

Steve Post
Trusted Contributor

scsi tape, but no scsi adaptor for rx2800? How backup rx?

I have an ultra 360 sDLT tape drive.  It works fine.  It hooks to rp computers via LV-scsi.  We are looking at getting rx2800 servers.  I see no scsi adaptors for them.  It seems like a huge waste to throw out good scsi hardware because scsi kind of went .....away?


So my question is simple.  How do people backup their rx computers?   Do they throw out all scsi hardware (and all media) and replace it with new sas hardware?   Really? 



IF I have to buy a tape drive that hooks up by SAS or fibre, can I at least use my existing sDLT 360 tapes?  Or do I lose the ability to restore old archives too?


And I am sorry sound too negative.  My inocent question sounds a bit like bashing.   That is not my intent.  Maybe scsi vs san vs fibre debates went on two years ago and I just arrived to find out how it all played out.


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Re: scsi tape, but no scsi adaptor for rx2800? How backup rx?

SAS/FC is indeed the go forward technology. I have not seen any SDLT drives with SAS interface but there are SCSI to FC solutions that would allow you to connect the SDLT to the RX using FC.






Steve Post
Trusted Contributor

Re: scsi tape, but no scsi adaptor for rx2800? How backup rx?

Ah!  I forgot that back in 2000, I actually had a fibre to high-voltage scsi mux.     I would be looking for a fibre to low-voltage scsi mux. 


Thanks for the help.

It is nice to know the forums still work after the transition in June 2011.


ACK!  I have to take back my Kudos.   The ONE and ONLY converter I have found has been that OLD one from back in 2000.  It is an old fibre to HIGH-Voltage scsi mux.   I still cannot find a fibre to low voltage converter anywhere on the internet of hp's web site.   It's a bit sad.  I've been trying (actually fighting the web) for the last 2 hours.  

Well..... I have seen some for Windows, for Sun, for Linux.   But not for HP.


I REALLY like being able to update the text instead of adding move messages that says stuff like "I didn't mean what I said last time" and "what I really meant was...".  


So... in the THIRD edit.  I put the Kudos back.  I found an alternative.  People have been using disk arrays and something called "Virtual Tape Solutions".   It is like you have an imaginary tape library.  But instead of going to a magnetic ribbon in a spool........ you put the data on a disk that declares itself as a "virtual tape".


Re: scsi tape, but no scsi adaptor for errors? How backup rx?

There is a new SCSI U320 HBA for rx2800 from a company named Nemonix.  I'm new to the forum and don't know if you can post the name of a vendor who sell it.   Anyway there are some resellers in the US.  Let me know if you want to know where.  Although I think you already solved your problem.  :^)


"The NX-Ultra320-PCIe-1C Single Channel SCSI host bus adapter (HBA) for PCI Express systems lets you migrate to cutting-edge server hardware, like the HP Integrity RX2800, without sacrificing your significant investment in SCSI storage tape or hard drives."