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scsimgr issue

Bala C
Frequent Advisor

scsimgr issue

Hi Folks,

Two HP Ultrium - 3 tape drives were replaced in the library.
I have two 11.31 servers where the tape drives are zoned, I faced issue in one server using the scsimgr replace_wwid -D dsf whereas the other this command fixed and detected the new tape device.

All the 11.23 servers which were zoned, I was able to fix using fcmsutil replace_disk.

0/0/6/1/1.0x500e09e00aef7310.0x0 0/0/6/1/

# scsimgr -f replace_wwid -H 64000/0xfa00/0x18
scsimgr: Successfully validated binding of LUN paths with new LUN.

# ioscan -fnC tape |grep stape
tape 11 0/0/6/1/ stape NO_HW DEVICE HP Ultrium 3-SCSI

As you see the above output, the scsimgr replace_wwid command hasn't fixed the issue.

I also ran scsmgr replace_leg_dsf

# scsimgr replace_leg_dsf -D /dev/rtape/tape6_BEST
Do you really want to replace? (y/[n])? y
scsimgr: Legacy device file '/dev/rmt/c31t0d0BEST' binding to LUN changed successfully

# ioscan -fnC tape |grep stape
tape 11 0/0/6/1/ stape NO_HW DEVICE HP Ultrium 3-SCSI

Is there any other option? Or Am I doing a mistake somewhere?

Kindly help.

Or Reboot the only option?

Honored Contributor

Re: scsimgr issue

Usually you will find guidance in "dmesg" or syslog.log on what to do with scsimgr to fix your issue with replaced LUNs - disk or tape. Have you followed that?

If not -- I guess go to the reboot option if you can afford the downtime.
Hakuna Matata.
Bala C
Frequent Advisor

Re: scsimgr issue

Ofsourse, I completely followed the scsimgr replace_wwid procedure.I t worked on other other 11.31 server but not on this one.