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shurestor24i - Problem loading tape

Wolfgang Schwarz
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shurestor24i - Problem loading tape

I have following Problem with a C1554 Drive:
After grabing and sucking in the cartdrige there is one wheeling sound and then all lights go off. The tape even doesn`t come back after doing an emergency unload. the only way of getting the tape working is just plugging out the power cable and reinserting it - then everything works fine. I am using HP C5708A tapes. Hope anyone can give me a tip how to manage this. The drive seems rather new - manufacturing date is 2602.
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Re: shurestor24i - Problem loading tape


Did U tried with different catrige? It can be that particular tape problem. If the same happening for all the tapes, then something is wrong with tape drive. I mean some mechanical problem. Contact H/W vendor in that case.

Best of luck