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slot 3 only error on autoloader

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slot 3 only error on autoloader


I have a problem in autoloader 1/8 G2 LTO 3 only on tape in the slot 3.

With data protector 7.01 all backup that use slot 3 fails. Others backup in the others slots goes well.

I receive this error in my mail:

- Event Code:   0x82 - cleaning request 

Attention: Drive Warn or Crit Tape Alert flag

   Event Code:   0x84 - tape alert


To restore warning in the autoloader, I have to use a cleaning cartridge 


I tried to change tape in slot 3 with other new 2 tapes and I tried a read/writing test with Hp Library Tape Tool 4.15, but the error still occours.

I saw that new firmware 4.00 is available (now i'm 3.80 for library and C25W for drive), but is not selectable because "wrong personality".


Have you any suggenstions?


Thanks in Advance




Trusted Contributor

Re: slot 3 only error on autoloader

Hi Mello,


From what i can understand, it is possible that you have assigned the "slot3" as a cleaning slot in your Data protector application. In that case, the robotic device will load the media in that slot only when the drive requires cleaning. otherwise when you load any media from that slot into the drive, it assumes that it is a cleaning catridge and will spit the media out before loading into the media.





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