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ssl1016 password reset

Scott Cahn
Occasional Contributor

ssl1016 password reset

i have a ssl1016 library and the customer does not rember the password. i tried to use defualt 000000 but did not work. i tried to login as guest & guest and that did not work. the front panel accepts the password but when i try through the network it wont take passwords. is there a factory reset for this and how do i do it.
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: ssl1016 password reset

the only way to reset the web password is to log a call at HP, they will reset it.

The procedure is to log on the SSL with Telnet, you will get a 5 digit code that should be given to the HP support, they will then provvide you a temp passord that will allow you to change your Administrator user back to "guest" with a password "guest"