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ssl2020 tape library - notify door open to arcserve

ssl2020 tape library - notify door open to arcserve

Hi there, I have been told in another forum that when I swap a magazine out and close the door, the tape library should notify Arcserve about this and Arcserve should do an inventory of the magazine without any user interaction.

This does not happen and I have never seen it happen either, can anyone shed any light on this issue.
David Holbrook
Regular Advisor

Re: ssl2020 tape library - notify door open to arcserve

When you change the magazine, the library does not know what tapes are there until you tell ArcServer to add thes new tapes to the existing tape sets (import them). Verisign is much better with this, but with ArcServe you are probably better off to save a copy of your job prograns (incase you accidently delete them in this process) and then go through the process to initialize the existing database and start new using the new tapes.

If you want to keep your existing database, then you need to go through the process to import all the new tapes into the old system, it will not do this automatically.


Cameron Todd
Regular Advisor

Re: ssl2020 tape library - notify door open to arcserve

I have an SSL5026 changer library connected to a NetWare6 SP3 backup server running ARCserve 7.0 and my problem is the opposite in that within a minute or two of opening a front door (either accessing the mailslot via the LCD panel for individual tape import/exports or alternatively pulling either full magazine to change multiple tapes at once) the ARCserve tapeserver console throws up a "changer door has been opened, now going to inventory slots" type message. This is quite irritating as I need to change tapes several times a week, and worse, if had been in the middle of manually moving a tape from the mailslot (via the lcd front panel controls) at the time the tape library controller then fatally locks up mid-process and to clear it the whole server has to be downed.

If you aren't getting an auto initialise with any door being opened, even for ARCserve, I think you should check for updated tape server drivers or at least review its current configuration.