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thanks a lot!

U r answer helped me undrstand the concept.But How to find out physically by looking at the catridge.As i said previously i was using DLT80 now DLT1.I couldn't diferentiate the catridges.I could know it only after putting it in the DLT1(it ejects it out with caution LED)

Can anybody hep me?
Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: storage


DLT1 technology uses the same cartridges as other DLT's, typeIV. DLT1 drives can not read tapes that have been used in DLT8000 drives though because, as Jaan said, DLT8000 drives write higher density information, something which the DLT1 can not read. This is not a defect but this is by design.

If you want to use DLT tapes that have been used in DLT8000 drives, you will need to bring out the ol' degausser and run the cartridges through them a couple of times. The degauser needs to be be pretty strong though. Quantum uses 4000 Oe ones.

You can read more about degaussing DLT tapes on

If you do not want to invest in a degausser, your only option is to used new and dedicated tapes for your DLT1 drive.

Good luck !