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surestor 2/20 & uma status

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Sang-Ho Song
Occasional Contributor

surestor 2/20 & uma status

Hi.. there

I have a HP surestore 2/20 tape library.
Please reffer to attached file..

I think the "T1" is transport,
and the "Full" is mean that has a tpae Media.
What is mean the "X1" ?

Thanks in advanced..


Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: surestor 2/20 & uma status

The T is the transport or the robotic hand.
The full status means that there is a tape currently loaded.
The X is the CAP or the door or mailslot, depending on your tape library.
Only having 'X1' means that you have only one CAP or door slot (mailslot)
Anyone for a Mutiny ?
Sang-Ho Song
Occasional Contributor

Re: surestor 2/20 & uma status

Thank you very much for your answer..
If you have any document for "uma" status,
please send me.

Thanks & have a nice day