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tape backup capacity

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tape backup capacity

Assume the total backup capacity for a tape backup unit is 10 GB. The tape has already backed up the follwing files:

all files from c:\file1 (1 GB)
all files from c:\files2 (2 GB)
all files from c:\file3 (3 GB)
total 5 GB

1)Now I want to backup files for another directory c:\file4 (5 GB).After the backup, the tape will become full (all the 10 GB capacity is used up). Now if I want to backup files for another directory c:\file5, what will happen?

--Will the system report "no space available" OR it will start over-writing the existing files?

2)How can I remove or delete the already backed up directory/files on the tape?

Thanks to help.

Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: tape backup capacity

It depends of the operating system and the software used, but normally, in most cases, you will be prompted to insert another tape, and continue the backup. So, you will have a multivolume backup.

When you restore the files, again, you will be asked to insert the right tape to continue restoring the files.

Existing information in the tape won't be overwritten unless you specify that.
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