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tape cleaning MSL6030

Emilio Brusa
Frequent Advisor

tape cleaning MSL6030

Somebody can say me,how to configure the tape of cleaning for a MSL6030


Shaikh Imran
Honored Contributor

Re: tape cleaning MSL6030


There are three ways to manage the cleaning of the installed tape drives:
â   Automatically, by application software.
â   Automatically, by enabling Auto Clean Mode.
â   Manually, by selecting the Clean Drive menu option from the Maintenance
submenu on the front panel display.

Some Information:
Use the Clean Drive menu option contained in the Maintenance submenu of the
Utilities area on the front panel display to clean tape drives installed in HP
StorageWorks MSL Series tape library.
Caution: Only perform the Clean Drive menu option when the library displays
a message informing you that a tape drive needs cleaning. Excessive,
unrequested cleaning can damage the tape drives.
Caution: Ultrium and SDLT/DLT tape drives require special cleaning cartridges
and data cartridges formatted specifically for the drive technology. To avoid
damage to your tape drive, it is critical to use appropriate cleaning cartridges
and properly formatted data cartridges. Contact an HP authorized dealer or
sales representative for current compatibility and availability.
Note: Backup application software must be compatible with the library autoclean
feature to avoid robot command conflicts.
Note: HP does not support preventive autocleaning operation.
Because the cleaning cartridge is abrasive, you should not use it unless the
message â Use Cleanerâ appears on the front panel disp
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Emilio Brusa
Frequent Advisor

Re: tape cleaning MSL6030

thanks Shaik,
Some people recommend me use the cleaning by sofware instead the hardware.

how do you think about this ??

Bharat Katkar
Honored Contributor

Re: tape cleaning MSL6030

Software cleaning is the most easiest way to do.
Configure one slot of for Cleaning cartridges, insert the cleaning cartridge into that slot and let the library handle the cleaning of tapes as and when required.

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