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tape drive "sure store auto loader 818 conversion"

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tape drive "sure store auto loader 818 conversion"

At present we have connected "HP- sure storeE auto loader 818" to HP-K class 9000.
But this server has some problem. so for temporarily we are planning to connect the tape drive to "HP-series 700".
do i need to do some changes?
Is it possible,feasible?
what changes should i do?
please help me.......

Thank & regards,
Stuart Whitby
Trusted Contributor

Re: tape drive "sure store auto loader 818 conversion"

As long as you're using the same type of SCSI between these machines, all you should need to do is plug in (and hope all is OK - this *shouldn't* be plug and play, but it'll probably work) and rescan the hardware.

As for other changes, it depends what you're trying to do in the first place. Automated backups destined for the other machine will now need to be directed to this one, as will any remote data.
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