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Re: tape import fails

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tape import fails

I have DPX v3.5 in a stand alone configuration. It backsup to a HP D2D virtual library. Over the years I have had to copy virtual tapes on to physical for storage. I now need to import an old tape but my attempts have not succeeded. I can import the tape back to the D2D unit but I cannot get DPX to import/move the tape to a slot were I can access it. The data is in a mail slot on the D2D unit. What is the process for having this data recognized by DPX?



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Re: tape import fails

Hi Wilmur,


You can actually try the following steps:


1. instead of moving the data into the I\O slots of the D2D, move it to one of the empty slot of the Virtual library in the D2D from the D2D console

2. Then from DPX GUI, try to access the VTL from D2D.

3. If the Slot into which the media is moved is not recognised, right click on the slot and run  "import media"

4. Once that job completes you should be able to see the contents of tghe media in DPX.

5. Go ahead and restore the data


Hope this helps




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