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tape libraries upgrade

Denis Kazenkin
Occasional Contributor

tape libraries upgrade

Our partner has three MSL 6030 libraries, each equipped with two LTO2 drives.

Since the total capacity of all the libraries is insufficient to back up all required data, and only 5 units (5U) are free in a rack, they plan to upgrade one library changing LTO2 for LTO3, and buy one more library with two LT03 drives.

The question is, which library is better to buy - MSL 6030 or MSL4048? What is the remain lifetime of MSL 6030 till retirement?

Daniel McLaren
Occasional Advisor

Re: tape libraries upgrade

Some of these libraries were released in 2005, and HP provides about 6-10 years of support per product, but this may vary, I could not find an exact retirement date for the MSL 6030.

Also let me add to your question, an MSL 4048 can hold 4 LTO 3 drives, compared to the maximum of 2 that a MSL 6030 can hold, also the 4048 can hold 48 slots versus the 30 slots a 6030 has, that small difference will provide more capacity in your backups and faster times too, however it is your decision in the end.

I guess you have seen this link before, however it provides a simple view of the main differences of each product:

I hope you find this information usefull.
Efrain Valencia
Valued Contributor

Re: tape libraries upgrade

Hello Denis:

If you plan to buy new equipment you may want to look at this brand new MSL

HP StorageWorks MSL8096 Tape Library
- Overview & features

HP StorageWorks MSL8096 Tape Library
- Specifications

Now that you have the options, you can decide which is better for you :)