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target id change

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target id change


Let me begin to explain the SAN environment:

-VA7100 with 2 ctrl's connected to 2 separate SAN switch 8/EL (2 Fabrics)
-MSL5030 with 2 LTO1 drives and an internal NSR e1200 connected to only 1 of the 2 SAN switches.
- 2 PC servers with 2 QLOGIC 2400L HBA's installed per server, each HBA is connected to the 2 separated SAN switches
-Zonig is NOT configured
-OS = NT4.0 SP6A
-Backup Software = HP DP5.0

-when PC Server A reboot,PC server A's SCSI path have been change from "SCSI 3:0:1:2c" TO "scsi 3:0:3:2".
scsi port = 3
bus id =0
target id =1/3
LUN =2
In same time, reboot PC server B, B's SCSI path no change
Before reboot A ,Server A and B have run 30 days with no problem.

Can someone help me on this why server A's scsi PATH change?
what's mean of "target id"?
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: target id change

Could you please get 'supportshow' from both switches, zip them and attach to your next reply?
Stuart Whitby
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Re: target id change

You need to set persistent bindings on the HBA cards. Depending on what card, OS etc, this is either configured through a GUI or a configuration file.

Haven't seen a target ID of 1/3 before. This is the target ID - any other devices configured below that level would be based on LUN (logical unit number) mappings. Go through fibre though, and it handles all the SCSI stuff for you (theoretically) and assigns this dynamically.
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