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the tape drive it is not existence

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the tape drive it is not existence

i have tape drive on my server 8420 (11.11 With an existence the H/W path but without the driver of the tape. look this form from SAM list device:
H/w path Driver description
1/0/0/3/1.4.0 ? C7438A(tape)
now how to install the driver of the tape drive
Note:i am execute this command insf -eH 1/0/0/3/1.4.0 but without any benefit, and the output of ioscan -fnC tape it is empty.
thanks and best regards
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Re: the tape drive it is not existence

You need to include the "stape" driver to your kernel.
Use the drivers modul in SAM to do this.
This will build a new kernel and after a reboot the device will be CLAIMED.

Hope this helps!

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