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to clean a storage drive tape


to clean a storage drive tape

Hi ,

my question is : How to clean a storage drive tape (HP DLT 4000 2/48) ? Is there a specific location to put the cartridge? What is the action to do ?

thanks a lot ,
David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: to clean a storage drive tape

The most common way to do setup a library for cleaning is to use a special barcode range (e.g. CLNxxxx), and then assign it in your backup software as a cleaning tape. The backup software will managage use of the cleaning tape (e.g. clean the drive when it requests it).

With this method, you put the cleaning tape in a normal slot.

On some of the older libraries (the 2/48 is one of them), you can also put a cleaning tape in a special "reserved" slot (see page 4-15 of this the users manual: Then you can use the front panel "cleaning" functions to clean an individual drive (or all drives) without need to load a cleaning tape through the mail slot.

The preference is to setup the backup software to manage cleaning.
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