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(too) many Recovered Write Errors

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

(too) many Recovered Write Errors


At 31 May 2002 i replaced in a Compaq Proliant 800 the "Bad" internal 12/24 DAT drive (Compaq, the one with 2 leds) which didn't function correctly anymore (head sync errors, tried new tapes, new cleaning tape etc... with no luck) for a new buyed 12/24 DAT drive from Compaq (the one with 3 leds).

I made last fryday a test backup and everything seems to work correctly, i only saw a few (not many) recovered write errors in the ArcServeIT's TAPESERV.LOG but no problems so far... (caused by new tapes? I didn't seen this earlyer).

This week at tuesday and wednesday the backups do have a lot more recovered write errors (tuesday night 9702, wednesday night 5010 and this morning 7576) with as result that the server asks for a next tape (with a few times tape swapping after the backup for compare).

This is in my eyes much too much for a new drive, what can i do?

- Is the new 12/24 DAT drive "Bad" ??
- I used brand new DAT tapes, at this moment 3 tapes have many of these recovered write errors.

Any ideas?

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: (too) many Recovered Write Errors

Hi, these error are not nomal, I sugg to run a prompted diag on this tape to confirmed the viability of the drive. Through the Diagnostic in the F10 option or from the smartstart cd. You can also run the firware of the tape upgraded and the driver.