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ultrium 230 on netserver with linux very slow (<2MB/s)

Martin Gutjahr
Occasional Visitor

ultrium 230 on netserver with linux very slow (<2MB/s)

I have an ultrium 230 connected via an
adaptec aha29160 (=aic-7892, with ext.cable) in
a hp-netserver LC2000, running linux (suse7.0),
kernel 2.2.16-smp, glibc-2.1.3.

tapeperf -i 2 -o /dev/nst0 -b 65536 -c 16
(from hp-tapetools) shows only 1.7MB/s.
Test with tar gives the same slow result.

hpreaddata (from disk) shows 30MB/s,
the bottleneck seems to be the tapedrive.

On the adaptec card only the ultrium drive is attached - disks are on Megaraid controller.
The Megaraid is setup without using RAID.

Is there any possibility to query the
status/errorlog etc. for the tapedrive ?

I found library&tape tools, but they are
only for redhat/glibc2.2 & above.
(I have glibc-2.1.3 and cannot update right now).

Any suggestions ?