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ultrium 448 rack mount win sbs driver

Jim Brand
New Member

ultrium 448 rack mount win sbs driver

1--i have installed a dw028a rack mount ultrium 448 single drive lto2 on a smart array 5i controller
2--disk bays are fully populated with scsi disks on a dl380 g3 server
3--tape scsi id set to 10
4--windows small busines server 2003 std shows the device as "other devices" but will not update the driver with storageworks tape drivers
5--hp tape installer software sees tape drive and goes thru all tests fine except tape windows driver
6--insight mgmt software inventories drive fine also
7--all hp bios and drivers updates are current for entire server and controller
8--for one brief moment the windows 2003 drivers appeared to be installed with a 2006 hp ultrium driver but veritas v11 would not see the drive, and which subsequently disappeared upon server boot and keeps coming up under "other devices"

any help would be greatly appreciated...thx much