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upgrade information on msl2024

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upgrade information on msl2024


I'm doing an upgrade on a MSL2024 (currently on ULT-2 drivers) and putting together things I need to buy.

We will be doing an upgrade to ULT-4 1760 x 2 drives. However, in documentation I have found that these ULT-2 drives have a connection type Ultra160 LVD SCSI and the new ULT-4 1760 use Ultra320 LVD SCSI.

I have not found any documentation that we need to change the scsi cables. What else do I need to add to the drives that we are buying?
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Re: upgrade information on msl2024

You might want to refer to the compatibility matrix for server-tape. Please follow the link and select the appropriate server-drive option and click on the checkbox. The next page will give you the detailed compatibility information regarding the HBA options for the server model selected.
Efrain Valencia
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Re: upgrade information on msl2024


I would make sure to be using one of these controllers on your host:

HP SC11Xe SCSI Host Bus Adapter
NOTE: Single channel PCI-Express (PCI-e) SCSI Ultra 320 HBA.
** You will need two of these, one per drive


HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter
NOTE: Dual channel PCI-Express (PCI-e) SCSI Ultra 320 HBA.
** You need only one of these, one drive on each channel.

Also, I would verify the server has enough processing power and the raid levels as suggested in this document:

HP Surestore and StorageWorks - Performance Troubleshooting and Using Performance Assessment Tools


Re: upgrade information on msl2024

I guess it would be much better to buy two scsi cards than one. It might be too much for the one with dual ports to serve these two drives?