4220 storeonce

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4220 storeonce

Iused to use the knowledge base here at HP to troubleshoot and research issues; I wonder if it is still somewhere but I will try here

we have power outage

we are good until power outage

no I have a PSU bad

and I have ctrllr unable to read configuration error

I cannot start serviceset set1

segments are unavailable

I cannot find out what segments are

or why they are unavailalbe or what to do about it

I am hoping that if i find a backup config file then I will get back my configuration because I do not see any vtl

at all

how up a creek am I ?


Srikrishna P
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Re: 4220 storeonce

We would advise involving support team as we need to check Storage status then manually enable these segments.

Once storage is fine you should be able to see VTL details.