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Re: Accelerator for VMware with StoreOnce and NetBackup

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Accelerator for VMware with StoreOnce and NetBackup

Regarding to the blog article One good way to relax during the holidays: Symantec NetBackup OST Enhancements for HP StoreOnce by By Anirudh S Srinivasan from December 21, 2014, there was mentioned that the upcoming version of the  HP StoreOnce Open Storage Technology (OST) plug-in for Symantec NetBackup includes the feature Accelerator for filesystems and VMware.


The OST was released and initially there was no Accelerator for VMware option included. Only the Accelerator for files and folder was supported.  I recently controlled if there are any news on this topic. And it looks that as per the latest Hardware Compatibility List (2015-08-10) the VMware Accelerator option is supported now with the OST Plugin 3.1. I looked further and found the chatch: Accelerator with VMware-type policies and GRT with VMware-type policies are not supported together for this solution.


Disabling the VMware GRT option so that the Accelerator is working, is not an acceptable solution for us. From all the hardware vendors of OST Storage Servers for Netbackup, the HP StoreOnce is the only one which has such limitations with the Accelerator. That is somehow disappointing.


So my question is: Are there any plans that the Accelerator for VMware  is fully supported for the StoreOnce using NetBackup?




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Re: Accelerator for VMware with StoreOnce and NetBackup

Hi ,

I'm facing the same issue:

Netbackup version 7.7.2

storeonce plugin 3.12.1

I followed the configurations process related to storeonce but unfortunitly Accelerator not working.