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B6200 VTL Barcodes

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B6200 VTL Barcodes

We have a HP StoreOnce B6200 running software version 3.12.2-1530.1.


I just created a brand new VTL with 500 LTO5 virtual cartridges and 12 tape drives.  Number of Barcodes Characters = 8.


I'm trying to re-label all the barcodes to FBVT####  [ex. FBVT0001 - FBVT0499]. 


When I use the  "Edit Barcodes" feature I want the sequence to be only numerical but it always adds an alpha character after tape #9.  [ex.  FBVT0001, FBVT0002, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 0A, 0B..etc using all the letters of the alphabet then after FBVT000Z, FBVT0010.   I want ONLY # and not letters at the end of barcode.


I have tried using different "Prefix", "Start Value", "Suffix" but nothing seems to get results I want.


Is there an option or setting somewhere where I can disable this?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions or feedback.