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Re: Can not configure VLS9000

Omer ASIK_1
Occasional Contributor

Can not configure VLS9000

I have just installed the VLS9000 system. After reboot the system, i tried to login ut i got the following message about Java ;

login as: administrator
administrator@'s password:
Last login: Tue Jan 5 07:56:29 2010 from
System ( /usr/java/jre/bin/java -Ds2xmgr.home=/S2100/s2xmgr_java -cp /S2100/s2xmgr_java/s2xcli.jar com.sepaton.s2xmgr.cli.acorn -clishell -jx /S2100/s2xmgr_java/bin/jexec -u administrator -o /S2100/s2xmgr_java/cli_administrator.log -c continueOnError -c connect )
com.sepaton.rpc.ProxyException: Connection refused
at com.sepaton.rpc.XmlRpcProxy.invoke(
at $Proxy0.getServiceTypes(Unknown Source)
at com.sepaton.rpc.StubRpcKernel.syncServiceList(
at com.sepaton.rpc.StubRpcKernel.getAll(
at com.sepaton.rpc.StubRpcKernel.get(
at com.sepaton.s2xmgr.cli.commands.GetChassis.initialize(
at com.sepaton.s2xmgr.cli.commands.GetChassis.(
at com.sepaton.s2xmgr.cli.CommandManager.initCommands(
at com.sepaton.s2xmgr.cli.CommandManager.(
at com.sepaton.s2xmgr.cli.acorn.initCommands(
at com.sepaton.s2xmgr.cli.acorn.doInternal(
at com.sepaton.s2xmgr.cli.acorn.processCommand(
at com.sepaton.s2xmgr.cli.acorn.go(
at com.sepaton.s2xmgr.cli.acorn.main(
Caused by: Connection refused
at org.apache.xmlrpc.XmlRpcClient$Worker.execute(
at org.apache.xmlrpc.XmlRpcClient.execute(
at com.sepaton.rpc.XmlRpcProxy.invoke(
... 13 more

Could not get server features. Connection refused


Finally, i could not configure the VLS.

Does anyone know the reason ?

Thanks in advance




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Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Can not configure VLS9000

it may be the kernel is corrupted
try attaching a monitor and keyboard to the master node, and reboot, the vls, check during the boot process if all goes well
It also may be you need to reinstall the node from the QR cd. in that case be sure to be patient and wait for each step to be finished before to go on or reboot. example when you insert the dedup license for example, it will initialize all the process and the node in order to manage it, and it may take long time. If you reboot before it finish, your system will get corrupted

Re: Can not configure VLS9000

Hi All,

Did anyone know the solution for error stated above.

We too having the same issue. even after done a quick restore.