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Can't backup to virtual tape libraries (D2D)

Mark Uvanni
Occasional Contributor

Can't backup to virtual tape libraries (D2D)

I am now using Data protector Express 3.5 sp2 and I still can not successfully perform a D2D backup. It lets me create the virtual library and I am using 5 media slots. You also apparently have to initialize and format this but nowhere does it tell you that. However, it still will not perform a backup. I get "no specified devices or devices are offline" I have tried this every which way yet it will not work. I am not using mapped drives for the library, I am using local folders. Further, when the backup is initiated from the All-in-One Manager, it will report the backup completed?????
Any ideas???
D Lancaster
Honored Contributor

Re: Can't backup to virtual tape libraries (D2D)

I see at least three questions here so I'll try to answer them all, from easiest to hardest.

1. Backups created and initiated by the All-in-One Storeage Server (AiO) are handled specially by the AiO software. They are actually a snapshot which is mounted and then backed up. Actions are done by the AiO software outside of Data Protector Express to insure that backups are successful.

2. When you create a software based D2D Library within Data Protector Express you do not have to initialize or format the tapes. This is handled completely by the software.

3. In order to create and use a software D2D library on shared storage the user running the backup has to have Admin rights to the share. If not, you may be able to create the VTL but you will not be able to write to it.

D Wong
Regular Advisor

Re: Can't backup to virtual tape libraries (D2D)

Hi Mark:

The All-in-One (HP AIO Storage System) is currently not supported with DPX 3.5 version SP2.

The AIO is an integrated Storage Appliance which can only work with DPX software that is installed as part of the AIO Service Release DVD ROM image.

The current supported DPX version for the AIO 1.3 Service Release DVD ROM image is DPX 3.5 SP1. Follow the AIO 1.3 Release notes instructions to reinstall the correct DPX version 3.5 SP1 on the AIO.

You will see strange DPX behaviors with the an unsupported DPX software version on the AIO.