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Catalyst Backup -StoreOnce3100

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Catalyst Backup -StoreOnce3100

I have purchased one StoreOnce3100 but not any backup Software like HPE Data Protector. Two windws sql database server would be client of StoreOnce.

Now how could I map and configure it as Disk backup system?


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Re: Catalyst Backup -StoreOnce3100

You would set up the StoreOnce 3100 using the StoreOnce interfaces. If you want to run direct backups/restores from/to the SQL Server database to the StoreOnce 3100 you can use the plug-in that is provided at zero cost for this. See: And check OS and database version compatibiity here:

StoreOnce 3100 offers CIFS, NFS, VTL and Catalyst interfaces for backup.. This plug-in for direct backup of your SQL Server databases requries the Catalyst interface. This requires a Catalyst license to enable it. For more on this see the StoreOnce QuickSpec: