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D2D 2503i disk failure/replacement


D2D 2503i disk failure/replacement

Our customer has an EH945A D2D 2503i with one failed disk. We have previously on two occasions replaced disks without problems, using original HP spare part 462618-001, but the last time we were supplied with a 1000 GB disk instead of 750 GB disk due to supply problems. This went smoothly.


Now, after the third disk failure, we replaced the failed disk with a  new1000 GB disk like the last time, but the we get an error message stating that the disk has failed. In the D2D console all four disks show as OK, bit "Raid Status Level" is Caution and "Raid" says Attention. Restarting the D2D, the rebuilding of the RAID starts at 25% but fails at 26 or 27%.


We have also tried another replacement disk of the same size, a standard Seagate SATA disk, with exactly the same results. Message in log says RAID is operating at full capacity, but with one failed drive. On the web console on the server, the two 1000 GB disks are both marked as "Invalid size".


I could reconfigure the RAID but that will have to be as a last resort because it will wipe out all the stored data.


The D2D was purchased in Oct. 2008 and is running firmware 100.594 and BIOS 013 08/15/2008. It is out of support.


I would appreciate any suggestion as to what causes this problem. Also, I am interested in knowing the exact procedure for upgrading the firmware on this unit, and also which firmware version or versions that should be applied.



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Re: D2D 2503i disk failure/replacement

The2503 has limited disk space although may be upgradable to 3.X software. The 3.X software upgrade is destructive which means the disks are reinitialized when you upgrade the StoreOnce product.

I do not see the 2503 on the list but the 2504 system becomes a 2620 model.

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Re: D2D 2503i disk failure/replacement

Thanks for you suggestion.


I have upgraded the software and drivers, and the problem with the message stating incorrect size of the new drives went away. However new problems appeared, like the unit being inaccessible with over iSCSI, and warning about driver problems.


I will post a new message describing the details.