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D2D 4112 G2 and 4106 with Cifs

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Florian Schmutz
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D2D 4112 G2 and 4106 with Cifs

Hi Community


Got some wired problem

My Customer wants to implement the 4112G2 with Cifs as main Backup Target and the 4106 as off site backup Replication location


So I configured the both D2D Systems with IP and Dns Gateway and so on.

After a discussion with my customer he want to implement the System with CIFS... I know.

But anyway.

I Joined both Systems to the domain

The Join to the Domain works good. I rebooted both systems and created after that the Cifs Shares over the Web GUI.

If I connect over MMC I can see this Shares.. But I have no Access to the Rights Tab....

Im logged in on an 2008R2 or 2008 Server with the Domain admin.


So shares are there but I can't Access it in any case...


Got anyone a idea where to search... I Tried many but......... Nothing works.


I does the whole steps with the best Practice Guide .....

Anyone some exp with this?


Tanks for your Feedbacks


Kinked Regards









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Florian Schmutz
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Re: D2D 4112 G2 and 4106 with Cifs

Hm oke... no im confused

I logged in over ssh and used the command

show ticket NASShareMan



CIFS Server Configuration
CIFS Server
    Server Name         : D2D-xxxxxxxx
    WorkGroup           : WORKGROUP
    UpdateCount         : 1
    KickCount           : 8
    DeletePending       : No
    Authentication Mode : ADS
    Domain Name         :
    Domain Controller   :


Hm Very Strange Caus we named the System HPD2D so whats this kinde of Server Name and hmm upmpf is it now in Domain or not. Caus at the second line it writes WORKGROUP and in the End its in the correct Domain: ^^


Anyone any idea?



If i Use i geht this

> show ticket Configuration
Configuration Ticket : No longer supported. Please see database ticket
Valid              : 1
Host Name          : HPD2D
1G Operation Mode  : Dual Port
Port 0 : DHCP             : 0
Port 0 : IP Address       :
Port 0 : Subnet Mask      :
Port 0 : Domain Name      :
Port 1 : DHCP             : 0
Port 1 : IP Address       :
Port 1 : Subnet Mask      :
Port 1 : Domain Name      :
Gateway          :
Name Server 1    :
Name Server 2    :
Name Server 3    :

Florian Schmutz
Frequent Advisor

Re: D2D 4112 G2 and 4106 with Cifs

set smblogging on




Was the Solution

Dont know why it was needet but it worked for me ...