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D2D 4112 won't boot

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D2D 4112 won't boot

We have some old D2D 4112 G2's that we are are attempting to re-purpose but upon boot they do not see the boot device and get stuck in a cycle of attempting to boot of the network.  I have gone through multiple boot configurations, but nothing seems to work.  This model boots from a USB stick attached to the motherboard.  I opened a case in which I obtained a replacement USB stick, but the issue remained.  Does anyone know of any special configuration in the booting of these devices?


Re: D2D 4112 won't boot

Hello ,

Check if you have the right part number.Also if there is no DATA You can do a Quick Restore.


D2D Gen1 products are shipped with 1GB USB flash sticks.

D2D Gen2 products are shipped with 4GB USB flash sticks.

FRUs (Field Replacement Units) are available for this part. FRU can be used in case of a hardware failure with the USB stick or any software corruption related to the content of the USB stick.


The FRU has no license or configuration information, it only contains the operating system and the D2D software. A D2D device has 2 copies of its configuration, one copy is stored on the config partition of the RAID disk and a second copy can be found on the config partition of the USB disk. In case one copy is missing or damaged, the other copy gets used automatically. When the D2D device first boots from a new FRU USB stick it will notice that no configuration is stored on the /config partition of the USB stick and, as part of the boot process, the configuration stored on the RAID disk will be copied to the USB stick.

This also means, if the RAID disk is not available the FRU USB stick will not able to find a valid configuration and the device will remain “un-configured” after boot. Please also note, the configuration files not down-gradable. When a FRU USB stick is used, the FRU USB stick must contain the same or newer D2D software version. It is also important that using a USB stick from a different D2D device could lead to corruption of the configuration as the USB stick and the RAID contains different configuration.


FRU part numbers

First 6 digits for each revision of firmware remain the same, the last 3 digits change with firmware revision. Because certain Software revisions are not down gradable onto previous revisions, the FRU part number has rolled often, and stocks of previous revisions have been recalled.

Gen 1 and Gen 2 software images are hardware specific, a given software release has different image for each hardware platform. To choose the right FRU (or software image to be used for generating the FRU) both the required software version and the hardware platform must be specified



Product Variant

Flash Stick FRU Part Number

EH938A/EH939A (D2D400x iSCSI)


EH941A/EH942A (D2D400x FC)


EH945A (D2D2503)


EH993A (D2D4112 G1)


EJ001A (D2D2502 G1)


EJ002A (D2D2504 G1)


EJ001B (D2D2502 G2)


EJ002B (D2D2504 G2)


EH996A (D2D4106 iSCSI)


EH998A (D2D4106 FC)


EH993B (D2D4112 G2)


EH983A (D2D4312 G2)


EH985A (D2D4324 G2)





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Re: D2D 4112 won't boot


Hello Ganesh,

Thanks for the response.  We have a 4112 G2 with a part number of EH993B.  I got a replacement 4GB USB flash stick, but I was sent 625738-010 which corresponds to the 4312 G2 device.  Can the 4112 G2 use that USB flash stick or does it require the 625741-xxx model?  Since the device will not boot is there any other way to determine the software revision?

We do not need to preserve any data on this device, so a Quick Restore would be great.  However, I could not find a restore image that corresponds to this model and an upgrade to a G3 device is not supported for it.

What happens if the copy of the configuration on the RAID disk is corrupt?  Is there a way to restore that to act as a brand new un-configured device?