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Re: D2D 6500 FS Consistency check

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D2D 6500 FS Consistency check


we rebooted out 6500 and it seems to have hickup'ed during reboot and failed over and is now running on a single node and running a consistency check.  Everything is stuck initializing, I imagine till it is done.  Does anyone know what the "progress" number it shows refers to so I have some idea when it might finish?




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Re: D2D 6500 FS Consistency check

For future suffers.

HP reported it should take 45-60 minutes

Actually took 8-12 hours. 

This may be a result of 1 head failing over during startup, so we were only running on a single node.  

No idea what caused the issue and no issues discovered during consitency check.

HP L2 advised against failing the node backup during consistancy check.

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Re: D2D 6500 FS Consistency check

StoreOnce 6500 with 3.15.4  NAS only

 Service Sets 1, 2  Formatted 139507 GB

8 hours