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D2D Replication and Data Protector object copy using the replica

Fedon Kadifeli
Super Advisor

D2D Replication and Data Protector object copy using the replica

I want to implement a scenario like this:

We have two locations:
1. The remote location has some local servers to be backed up and a small D2D library.
2. The central location has also some servers to be backed up, a large D2D library and an MSL physical tape library.
3. A single Data Protector Cell Manager which manages all the backups.

MISSION: The weekly full backups on the remote location will be replicated to the central location's D2D library and a weekly scheduled Data Protector job will copy the objects containing the central location's full backups and the replicated remote location's full backups into physical tapes in the MSL library so that these physical tapes will be sent to an off-site location.

1. When I replicate some tape slots in a virtual library of the remote location D2D box to the D2D box on the central location, the target library is automatically removed from the SAN.
2. Assuming that I reconnect the target library to a central server; this time I have some cartridges with the SAME barcode on the central library and the remote library (since Data Protector manages both libraries and the original cartridge has the same barcode with the replica).
3. Assuming I do a barcode scan on the cenrtal library, the remote library's cartridges with the same barcode become "Unknown". (No problem for me.)
4. When I try to access the replicated cartridges on the central library through Data Protector (e.g., by doing a Media Scan or Verify operation) the replicated cartridge is loaded to the tape drive on the central library, but the Media Agent trying to read the cartridge hangs FOREVER. I have to kill the Media Agent on the server accessing the central library to abort the session.
5. The only way to access a replicated cartridge on the central library is the stop virtual tape mapping for this cartridge on the remote library, which means it will no longer be replicated.

Any suggestions to help me accomplish the original mission I stated above?


Thank you!