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D2D firmware upgrade to 2.2.16 problems

Respected Contributor

D2D firmware upgrade to 2.2.16 problems

Hi all!

  I've upgraded D2D4324 from 2.2.14 to 2.2.16 and poor backup performance on 2.2.14 (~40MBps via SAN) became just awful (10Mbps) on new one (btw, that was the advice from hp's support guy after i opened the support ticket... no comments).

Nothing has changed in configuration between last backup on old fw and test backup on new one. 34% of capacity of d2d s used, so i don't think that it can be a cause. I'm thinking about to downgrade to get at least 40Mbps, which is at least usable, but cannot find the instructions. Any ideas, gentlemen?