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D2D firmware upgrade

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D2D firmware upgrade

How can I install firmware upgrades without using a USB flash drive.  It is almost impossible to get permission to have a flash drive in the servers area.

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Re: D2D firmware upgrade

What systems?  What firmware are you looking to update?

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Re: D2D firmware upgrade

D2D4324   Planning to install software version 2.2 and then update component firmware to versin 3.72

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Re: D2D firmware upgrade



D2D firmware can be installed without using USB drives,with below procedure.


Check for the latest software (you can do this by selecting the link on the Software page). Save the software image file on a server or PC that is connected to the same subnet as the HP D2D Backup System.

Read the Release Notes accompanying the software upgrade and confirm that it is compatible with your D2D configuration. You will not be able to revert to earlier software after running the upgrade.

From a web browser, launch the HP StorageWorks D2D Backup System Web Management Interface by typing in the IP address or hostname of the HP D2D Backup System to be updated.

Ensure that there are no current or scheduled backup jobs that will occur during the software update period, because the HP D2D Backup System will reboot during the update process.

Log in and navigate to the Administration — Software page.

Press Upgrade.

Select the Browse button in order to locate the software image on the host system.

Select Upload to update the software. The upload can take 10 minutes to complete, depending on the speed of the link.

NOTE: If you have downloaded the wrong software upgrade package for your product, this is quickly detected before the upgrade process begins. The process exits with an error message in the Web Management Interface.

WARNING! Once you have started to upgrade the software, it is important that you allow it to complete. Do NOT navigate away from the Software page. Do not attempt to cancel the upgrade process, or power off the machine.

After software has been uploaded the unit will reboot and the user will be redirected to the login page. This reboot can take over 10 minutes to complete but a status message is shown in the web browser indicating this.

Log back in to the web management interface to observe that the upgrade has completed successfully.

Following a reboot each device configured on the HP D2D will perform a self check. Normally, this check will take minutes. However, for systems that have a lot of data already stored on the D2D, this can take several hours to complete and the device will not be available during this time. The Devices status on the Home page will show an overall status of the self checks. For individual devices, look at the Status on the Virtual Tape Devices — Devices tab.

Manually log back on to the HP D2D Backup System iSCSI targets via the iSCSI initiator from each host system. Use the HP D2D Backup System as a backup target. Alternatively, if targets have been made persistent (restore automatically on reboot), simply reboot the host systems.

For component firmware only option is to use USB drives


Re: D2D firmware upgrade

I am having a hard time finding the upgrade software for a HP StorageWorks D2D4324 - G02.

Any URL's you might share?

Martin Hanspeter
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Re: D2D firmware upgrade


you can find the firmware on the HPE Software Depot.